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Well it’s up the road to the big city for a family affair. Company House Records is putting on a showcase featuring Slowcoaster, Carmen and Tom Fun. The family’s all here and looking to party down, so if you can get out do it early or you might not get in. If you don’t I’m sure we can all get into some trouble after the show… is there anything to do in Toronto? We’ll find something to do that’s for damn sure…. love you all .

Dance till the dancefloor breaks!!! Then dance more!!!

So we broke the dance floor at Hunter’s in P.E.I.! You know why!? Because people in P.E.I. are crazy dancin’ lunatics!!! All was not lost, however, ’cause we just moved to the other side of the room in the middle of a set and danced on into the night, with no injuries to show for it. When support beams crack, you don’t talk back!!! If anyone has any pictures, please send ‘em in so we can piece everything together CSI style for those who weren’t there… And if anyone finds any bullets or a semen trail, let us know here at the lab so we can place the dance floor behind bars, or at least in front of them, for dancing!!! Grissommmmm!!!


Well folks, it looks like we’re heading out to hunter’s in P.E.I. for a rip roarin’ good time on March 19th. If you feel like dressing fancy it’s gonna be a dance till yer pants fall down party!!! Hey, that’s a nice outfit but it would look better on my bedroom floor!!! Look out for April shows in your area cuz the snow is melting and we’re feeling a bit randy dandy!!!

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